Taara Projects

Project Leader: Shanthi Ramakrishna

Taara Projects tackles the issues of environmental harm and worker exploitation directly and in a holistic manner, as opposed to compromising on one of the issues in the process of addressing the other. The solution is an e-commerce platform which sells products made by artisans at risk for poverty, made using materials and practices that minimize environmental harm.

Taara's products are made by artisans in Chennai, India. Per Taara's commitment to empowerment and ethical employment, these artisans are at risk for poverty and are employed by their partner, Zy-lk—a young fashion brand in Chennai which shares the same core values as Taara in their production process, of sustainability and ethicality. These artisans are paid a living wage and work in an open and supportive environment conducive to their autonomy and growth.

Taara's products are made using upcycled deadstock fabric— fabric that has already been made, but went unused or unsold by larger companies and was thus destined for the landfill. By using this fabric for its products, Taara Projects repurposed fabric that would have contributed to the millions of tons of textile waste produced by the fashion industry at large, thus enabling us to minimize both our waste and water use.