Project Leader: Arshdeep Singh

In attempt to address food insecurity in Baltimore, Seedling is a project that sells hydroponics systems to residents and provides food systems curriculum to Baltimore public school students. Seedling offers an inexpensive, hydroponic unit which allows customers to increase their access to fresh food while contributing to the solution of food injustice in Baltimore, all while making schools and their neighborhood community a greener, healthier, and happier place. Seedling employs consumer hydroponic units, which can be used to grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs using a solution of water and nutrients, eliminating the need for soil. Hydroponic systems enable consumers to grow plants at least 20% faster and produce yields 25% larger, all in the convenience of their own home.


Project Leaders: Greta Maras and Veena Thamilselvan

TechUp addresses the issue of the disconnect between Baltimore's extensive career services and people experiencing homelessness. They are creating a curriculum of digital literacy workshops to instruct people experiencing homelessness on basic computer skills, the G Suite, Email, the Zoom video conferencing program, and more. TechUp is partnering with local nonprofits to host these technology literacy workshops for this population. The contents of the workshops as well as the delivery will continue to be adjusted according to population needs.

From the Grounds Up

Project Leader: Anish Kulkarni

From the Grounds Up is a project focused on manufacturing and distributing bath scrubs and soaps by upcycling used coffee grounds. The mission is to develop a production cycle that is environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly and provide a long-term solution to the dangerous impact that used coffee grounds have on our air and aquatic habitats. From the Grounds Up was inspired by seeing, up close and personal, the waste produced by coffee shops in the local community. The team was able to use environmental studies to examine how this waste impacted our environment and resolved to use social entrepreneurial skills to remedy it.