Seedling Hydroponics

We design and sell hydroponic units to combat food deserts and provide fresh food access to those that need it.


Career Development for People Experiencing Homelessness (CDPEH): Helps individuals experiencing homelessness develop careers through a holistic support of resources.

TAARA Projects

TAARA Projects designs and sells clothing made from Indian sourced fabric that economically empowers individuals in India. It aims to perpetuate a cycle of social impact that is ethical, eco-friendly, and philanthropic in all of its dimensions.

From the Grounds Up

Coffee Grounds Project: Upcycles coffee grounds into soap and bath scrubs made with the help of people experiencing homelessness to economically empower them while reducing waste.


Jays Alliance for Driving Empowerment (JADE) designs and sell clothing items to empower women experiencing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).


Hoster is an app that aims to connect students to study spaces, wherever they are.