Together we pledge to take action.

Together we commit to apply our passions and talents and ideas to impact as many lives as we can. Not to hand out help to people in need, but to work side-by-side with them to create opportunity. So every person and community we touch are empowered to live up to their fullest potential. Enactus enables progress through entrepreneurial action.




Manny is a junior studying Economics, International studies and minoring in Financial Economics. Manny is a co-founder and president of Enactus and co-founder of Seedling and has been involved since his freshman year. He was originally interested in pursuing law school before discovering an interest for investment banking and private equity through Enactus. He will be interning at a private equity firm next summer. Manny would like to pursue an MBA in the future.


Director of Membership

Dom is a sophomore studying International Studies & Economics, with a minor in Islamic Studies. Coming from Nyack, NY, Dom joined Enactus his freshman year to help make a difference. He loves helping new members and expanding the club. Following Hopkins, Dom wishes to attend SAIS to pursue a MA in International Relations.


Chair of Public Relations

Andrea is a Junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Public Health. She plans on going to graduate school for an MPH in International Health in the near future. She has been in Enactus since her sophomore year and is looking forward to share Enactus’ mission and progress with Hopkins and beyond!


Vice President

Sebastian is a Senior studying Biomedical Engineering. He has been in Enactus since his sophomore year. He is excited to engage with new Enactus members and share his interest in social entrepreneurship with them. After graduating, he hopes to go on to medical school.


Director of Projects

Akhila is a junior studying Public Health and Entrepreneurship & Management. She has been in Enactus since her freshman year. She is super excited to meet new Enactus members and work with them to develop their amazing projects! After graduating, she would like to pursue a master’s degree in public health.


Chair of Membership

Brhea is a senior studying Computer and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Management. She is a founding member of Enactus JHU. She has really loved seeing how Enactus has grown over the years and is very excited to meet the new members and amazing ideas they have!!


Director of Finance

Alina is a junior studying Applied Math and Econ. She is the Director of Finance of Enactus, and has experience running her startup, McCoy’s Kombucha (yes, from the dorm McCoys). In her free time, she likes to ride her bike around Baltimore and do art.


Chair of Projects

Bowen is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science and Computer Science. He’s been very passionate about environmentalism and social entrepreurship, so he thinks Enactus is the perfect platform for him and for anyone who has similar interests. His plan after college is to attend graduate school


Director of Public Relations

Arshdeep is a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering. He has been in Enactus since his freshman year. He loves meeting new people and seeing impactful Enactus projects. He plans to go to medical school.